Extra Large: PINK Bangle Stand Rack

$ 77.99

Brand: BangleEmporium

Is someone getting married and you are trying to be creative to find a gift for a bride? This Metallic Baby Pink Bangle Display Rack is ideal for brides or for people with a very good collection of bangles.

This stand is carefully hand painted. It has a textured finish.

It comes with four sets of free beautiful bangles, with each set containing at least one dozen bangles. The total worth of this free gift is about $17.96. Select your preferred size with the drop down selections, below.

The rack is very large. It has fourteen wooden stick. Five sticks on each side and four in the middle for a total of fourteen sticks. Recommended for consumers with a good collection of bangles.

Attention jewelry store owners, looking for a creative way of displaying the bracelets or any other jewelry? This is a good investment. It is a very sturdy wooden stand, carefully build for your needs. The bangle display looks very beautiful. All assembled and painted for you.

Dimensions: 22 inches height, 10 inches width, 11 inches length

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