Panache' : Mehandi Green Bangles in Silver Tone (2.4 / 2.6 / 2.8)

$ 39.99 $ 17.99
A set contains 29 bangles in all, including the two end kadas and a central floral kada. The bangles are a combination of plain solid silver (12 count), textured sparkly mehndi-green (8 count), ornate patterned mehndi-green (4 count) and sparkling white CZ's adorned with bricks (0.5 inch long) of mehndi-green gems (2 count). All these can be individually paired to form their own unique combinations.

In-numerous possibilities! Let your imagination take you panache!

End Bangles have raised filigree that jut out 0.5 inch from the base. The bangles are set in a dusky silver tone. Sizes available: 2.4 (extra small), 2.6 (small) and 2.8 (medium)
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