Sizing Kit

$ 0.01

Brand: BangleEmporium

Unsure which size to get?
Try on a size before finalizing your purchase. With the Sizing Kit you will get sample bracelets to try at home. Once you know your size you can order with confidence. The kit is free of cost to you. Initially you will pay for the shipping ($6.99). You will receive a coupon code along with the kit for the amount you paid to receive the kit. You can use this coupon code during checkout for your next order with us. This package will be mailed using economical shipping method. Delivery time can be estimated around 10 business days.

Need to deduce your size faster?
If you have existing bangles you can measure their inner diameter and correspond with our sizing. The sizes on our website are Ethnic Indian Sizes for bangles. Since these bangles have to be slide over your hand, it is their inner diameter that matters. Get a ruler or a measuring tape. Check to confirm the inch has 16 parts to it.

Size 2.0 has inner diameter of 2 inches.
Size 2.2 has inner diameter of 2 inches and 2/16th of an inch.
Size 2.4 has inner diameter of 2 inches and 4/16th of an inch.
Size 2.6 has inner diameter of 2 inches and 6/16th of an inch.
Size 2.8 has inner diameter of 2 inches and 8/16th of an inch.
Size 2.10 has inner diameter of 2 inches and 10/16th of an inch.
Size 2.12 has inner diameter of 2 inches and 12/16th of an inch.

Some scales will show 8 parts, adjust the measurements accordingly.

If the above does not answer your question, pls email us! We are happy to be of assistance to you.